NUVO ATM Debit Cards

NUVO ATM/Debit Cards

If your card is lost or stolen,
please report it to NUVO Bank immediately:

To report a lost or stolen ATM or debit card during business hours, please call (413) 787-2700. After banking hours, contact (800) 264-5578.

Debit Cards

Enjoy easy and convenient access to ATMs using the NUVO debit card. The card will directly draw against your NUVO checking or savings accounts, giving you the convenience to shop without using cash, checks or credit cards.

ATM Cards

NUVO ATM cards are available for savings and money market accounts.

Immediate access to your money, with no teller lines, no traffic, and no delays!

If you would like to activate your debit card, you may do so by calling (800) 448-8268.

ATM Safety Tips

  • Memorize your PIN number.  Do not write your PIN on your card or its envelope.
  • Always maintain an awareness of your ATM surroundings.  If anything appears suspicious, use another location.
  • Make sure the ATM machine is in a well-lighted and open area.
  • Have your card readily available for use when approaching the ATM machine.
  • Never count your cash at the machine.  Wait until you are in a secure place or have driven away from the ATM.
  • Don't let anyone else see you enter your PIN.  Do not re-enter your PIN if the ATM captures your card.